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The Story... 

Twenty years ago, back when Robin was a newly divorced single mom, she realized the loneliest part of her day was right before bedtime - that moment when she became acutely aware that the kids were with their dad and she didn't have anyone to say goodnight to. A decade later, once she had started creating social change projects, she knew offering "someone to say goodnight to" was a powerful idea. But she didn't know how to deliver the message. Today, Robin Rice delivers the connection and caring she once craved through a short, simple podcast. Like a tiny house, only for your ears, Goodnight Robin is available to anyone of any age as "your someone to say goodnight to."

More Than A Simple Goodnight

Social change "artistry" is one approach to considering new, dynamic and effective ideas - ones that hopefully move the needle on how we think about things. Loneliness is in need of a culture-wide renovation because it carries a stigma of personal failure, yet the causes are largely systemic - things we as a culture have created.

While the stories in Goodnight Robin are most often positive themes that come about through Robin's day, she also gently points to greater truths and ways of considering loneliness. The most obvious is that we all need someone to say goodnight to. Loneliness has been in the shadows for too long. We can no longer ignore it - at least not if we want to avoid the growing health epidemic that comes in its wake.

Once we can begin to discuss loneliness for what it is - an emotional "hunger" that we are wonderfully hardwired for - we can begin to alleviate the systemic suffering in positive, successful, and far-reaching ways.

About Robin Rice

Robin Rice is an internationally published author, social change artist and mentor to leaders. Through her Be Who You Are academy, she has trained more than 15,000 students through free courses such as Training Your Inner Warrior. Her virtual-by-design social change projects (just like Goodnight Robin!) have garnered attention from major media in 30+ countries. Her fiction and non-fiction books have been translated into three languages. She speaks internationally on loneliness and social change artistry but her "real job" is serving as a thinking partner to high profile leaders from the political, NGO, entrepreneurial, and arts communities.

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