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Here's the reality - podcasts are both time consuming and expensive to produce. And a nightly podcast is all the more so. Your support goes to production costs, platform expenses, patron perk creations, getting the word out, a coffee or two for Robin, and more. Support the show in order to hear it continue for many goodnights to come! 

(Current price is a mere $20 a show or 6 shows for $100 - We're new, so we know this is more of a donation... which we greatly appreciate!)

Make A Dedication

Remember how the top forty songs always had amazing dedications? We swooned for those! Why not have Robin make a 30-second dedication to someone you love? Grandparents 50th. High school graduations. Sweet marriage proposal. If it makes everyone feel a little more connected, it's likely a good fit for Goodnight Robin

Share Your Biz

As a nightly podcast, we have 365 opportunities a year to reach our audience. We look for feel good products and services and work to make sure each message helps our audience sleep like a baby. All sponsor messages are 30 seconds or less and are recorded by Robin Rice. Tell us what you are thinking! 

Underwrite The Show

Be one of our biggest fans by underwriting the show on a monthly or yearly basis. We'll make sure everyone knows how amazing you and your products or services are (unless you'd prefer to be anonymous - that's cool, too). Just let us know when it's time for a conversation. We'd love to hear from you!

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