Episode 98: Things Change Yet Again


Yes, things are changing. And we are paying attention! Robin is determined now, more than ever, to provide comfort and connection through Goodnight Robin. Because new users are finding us on YouTube, the channel will be up and running again. She wants to do everything she can to be a beacon of support in these troubling times. Thank you for joining and we invite you to share our message to those who might need it. We are in this together!


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Episode 86: Things Change And That’s OK


We have an announcement to share for tonight’s episode of the Goodnight Robin. First, Goodnight Robin is doing GREAT on a lot of our platforms! We will continue with those for some time to come. However, as you know this is a home-spun podcast on a low budget. This means we have to spend our time and resources wisely in order to make the greatest impact. That is why we have decided we will no longer be posting episodes on our YouTube channel, for the time being. Thank you so much for all of your support and we invite you to subscribe to one of our other platforms where you can still catch our show every single night. Robin will be there, fighting the loneliness epidemic, one goodnight at a time. We hope you can join!




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