Episode 20: Landscape Larger Than The One You See


Tonight Robin shares another one of her poems she wrote during a particularly difficult period in her life. She wrote it to encourage herself and then shared with others - who started hanging it on their office walls. It’s called There Is A Landscape Larger Than The One You See. We’ll leave it here in the show notes in case you’d like to read instead of listening to it - or print it and tape it on your own wall! I also make a nod to poet David Whyte - he read the lines twice, though in a different way than I do, or even three times, so I’ve repeated it twice for you to hear. Enjoy! 

There Is A Landscape Larger Than The One You See

By Robin Rice

There is a landscape larger than the one you see

There is a mountain beyond the mountain

That has not yet moved toward your life.


There is a sun behind the clouds and a sun behind that sun and a moon and

Stars and friends and food and love all waiting

A sent package that has not yet arrived.


There is a door in the wall that you have not seen

And so never opened, let alone stepped through 

But you not knowing does not change the wall

Or the door and all its waiting potential.


You must find your way as a blind man reads the page 

As you read this very next line

Not knowing what comes next

Or when the door will appear

Or the key (or by whom)

Or how you will find the strength to push it open

After so very much weakness in the arms and the knees.


What to do? What to do? 

Unaware of how long it will be 

(Long, so often long, I am sorry)

Before your eyes adjust to a new light

You can only know that for now that you are lost 

And not lost.

You can only assume that somehow you need this

Soaked as it is in the old pain, things forgotten, and 

More love than you knew you had inside of you.


All that you did not want to know

Now you know.

Now, you must trust. 

Trust that this - this alone - is enough.

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