Episode 148: A Poem From Anca


Robin has organized a very special treat for you tonight. Her dear friend Anca is a beautiful poet and Robin wanted to share one of her poems. It’s called Time and Anca was very kind to provide us with a recording of her reading out the poem herself. As always, you can find the full poem at the bottom of our show notes.


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Music: Arni Karlsson

Editing: Predrag Mladenović




TIME by Anca

There is


Time …


Time to Breathe

    time to Flow

      time to Visualize

  time to Rest

and time to Push.


Time for Healing -


      to Stretch

beyond the cozy bounds

of your comfort zone.


Time to be fully

     Alive - knowing

that goddess/ god/ divine

     walks with you.


Time to Love

  time to Care

time to Be

Mindful and

    just let it Be

           As It Is

because all 

    is good



Time to Drop

  into your Heart

to stay on Top

  of your mind.


Time to scan

  inside and outside

  go narrow and go wide –


Time to hear the birds

             and yes, for sure

    time to smell the flowers

  one by one

noticing their hearts

                their pollen and

the beautiful shape

and delightful colors

of their petals.



There is



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