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Goodnight Robin aired as more than a podcast. It was a social change effort aimed at reducing loneliness. While the project has ended after 150 episodes, you can still listen through our Blog and Youtube channel... 
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Why Goodnight Robin As Social Change?

Loneliness hurts because human connection is a need.

Loneliness can be a downward spiral that seeps into every aspect of our health and wellbeing. The statistics on loneliness are alarming, especially because behind every one is a real person - a human with a heart. With "someone to say goodnight to," our tiny podcast helps solve one of the most painful aspects of living without others who feel close to us.

Connection allows all of us to feel better, stay healthier, and be more confident. 

Braving new social risks - a great first step in ending loneliness - requires small steps in the right direction. Goodnight Robin allows for a safe, warm, cozy goodnight that might not come from anywhere else. The encouragement is infectious. Listening nightly is one tiny, repeated connection that can make a real difference. 

A virtual "hug" is the beginning of a solution. 

Through her many social change projects, host Robin Rice has learned that online connection - when heartfelt - works to create effects similar to face-to-face connection. It is her hope that the repeated sound of a familiar voice will, over time, begin to feel like "home" to anyone, of any age, from anywhere. Yes, it's a big world - but we are in it together

About Goodnight Robin

The Loneliness Epidemic

Get Robin's Most Loved Story, The Barn Dance......

The Barn Dance tells a tale of courage and authenticity! At 12-minutes long, this "be who you are" story repeats five times to play for over an hour. With a slowly descending volume, it's the perfect way to get to sleep!

We'll also keep you updated on the latest information that moves the needle on loneliness, where we are appearing in person around the world, and links to our most inspiring shows.

"Loneliness is epidemic... but not tonight!
Everyone who goes to sleep at night feeling alone or misunderstood can benefit from having someone to say goodnight to. If you don't have someone right now, I'm glad to step in with a little story and a kind goodnight. It's a small thing, but when loneliness strikes, small things can go a long way."

Robin Rice
Goodnight Robin Host

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